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School Specialty is pleased to offer our CMAS Furniture contract to CalSave members.  This contract offers over 50 manufacturers at tiered discount prices.  This is the perfect contract for classroom and school renovations as well as new school construction.  Click on the “Pricing” tab below to see all of the available Furniture Manufacturers and their discounts off MSRP on the “CMAS/CalSAVE MSRP Discount List”.  You can also view the individual MSRP price lists by manufacturer on the same tab.

In addition to our great CMAS contract, School Specialty offers a comprehensive Educational Supplies Contract through CalSave and the Monterey County Office of Education.  This contract gives you access to all School Specialty has to offer including Supplies, Arts & Crafts, Early Childhood Education, Special Needs, Physical Education, Health & Safety, and STEM/STEAM/Science.  We offer brands such as Sax, Sportime, Abilitations, FlagHouse, Frey Scientific and Childcraft.  Take a look at the “CalSave AEPA Discount Flyer” for more information.

Greg Harbaugh, VP Business Development

Phone: 856-217-8307 • Email: • Fax: 855-388-6344


Belkys Quintana, Director of Business Development

Phone: 783-314-8017


CA_AEPA 1% Online Rebate Sell Sheet

CA_AEPA_Comprehensive Brochure

CA_School Safety Safety Security General Flyer

For this contract, you have the option of sending orders to the vendor directly. Always specify “CalSave pricing” when seeking quotes. Always state “CalSave pricing” on your purchase order. This ensures you of the 1) lowest pricing, 2) audit protection, 3) bid protection, and 4) the coverage and application of bid Terms and Conditions to your agency.

In order to see your contracted CalSave AEPA pricing you must login to your account.  If you don’t have an account with School Specialty you need to:

  • Visit
  • In the top right corner click “Sign in”
  • Under “New Customers” click “Find Your Organization” and follow the prompts to find your district/school.
  • If you have any questions or can’t’ find your organization, please call 1-800-513-2465.

To see contract pricing, click on the link below:

CalSave AEPA Discount Flyer

CMAS-Cal Save MSRP Discount List_

AIS Accessories Systems 2023

AIS_Aloft Systems2023

AIS_AO2 Systems 2023

AIS_Calibrate Casegoods_Tables 2023

AIS_Calibrate_Community Casegoods_Tables 2023

AIS_Divi Systems 2023

AIS_Divi_Fast_Track 2023

AIS_Matrix Systems 2023

AIS_MWall Systems 2023

AIS_Oxygen Systems 2023

AIS_PowerBeam Systems 2023

AIS_Screens Systems 2023

AIS_Seating 2023

Bretford 2023 Price List


AIS_Worksurfaces 2023

Carpets For Kids MSRP 2023 Price List

CEF Jan 2023 CEF Education Confidential Price List

Childcraft Furniture MSRP 2023 Price List

Childrens Factory 2023 Price List- SRP

Classroom Select MSRP 2023 Price List

Copernicus 2023 Price List

Diversified Spaces 2023 List Price


Eurotech 2023 Pricing

EVERLAST CLIMBING 2023 Wholesale Pricing – Final

FIELD CONTROLS IAQ List Pricing Mar 1 2023 rev 1

FireKing 2023 Price List

Flagship Carpets 2023 MSRP

Fleetwood 2023 Price List 20221128-13

Ghent_Full_Price_Guide (1)

Global Desking_Price_List_06.23

Global Drift_Price_List_05.17.23_rev

Global Seating_Price_List_06.23_sm Global Swap_Price_List_03.23

Global Swap_Price_List_03.23

Global Wood_Veneer_Price_List_05.23_sm (1)

Global Filing-and-Storage_Price_List_03.23_sm

Global Wood_Veneer_Price_List_05.23_sm (1)


HON-Shared-Spaces-Pricer 3.7.2023

HON-Workspaces-Pricer 3.7.2023


Interior Concepts 2023 Pricelist 2023-03-08




Luxor MSRP 2023

MEDIA TECH 2022b Price List_rev22_10_14

MIEN 2023_MiEN General Price List (Updated Sept. 2022)

Mooreco 2023 Price List

National Public Seating 2023 Price List

NRS Price list 2023 09.23.22


Paragon Furniture PL41

Paragon KILNS Price List School Specialty Request 2023

Perpetual 2023 Pricing Sheets R FINAL VERSION

Plymold 2023 Pricing

Republic Storage Products – Price List September 2021

SAFCO 62190_2023_SAFCO_Pricer_July 6_2 8 23_V2

Sandusky Cabinet Shelving Catalog – May 2023 – List Prices

Screenflex 2023 Price List

SICO 2023 Master Price List – External


SSL LE Furniture & Equipment 2023

STEVENS INDUSTRIES 2023 I.D. Systems Pricing


Tenjam-2023-List-Pricing-Ver-2 (1)

Tesco 2023 List Pricing 02082023

UltraPlay 2023 price list -effective 11-01-22

ULTRASITE 2023 PRICE LIST – update 2-01-23

WB Mfg 2023 Price List

ZK TECO MD-Distributor Price List – 2023





Copy of EE Big Book


Copy of PE Catalog


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