RethinkEd has been a leader in the field of educational technology since our founding in 2007. While there are a growing number of options for schools to choose from today, RethinkEd’s experience and unique features provide distinct advantages to districts, including:

  • A complete Wellness Bundle for districts in need of easy to implement SEL and Mental Wellness solutions that support the diverse needs of each learner in the school community.
  • One of the only Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) solutions available that includes support for students at all three tiers.
    • Developed with real world experience from educators who have implemented MTSS frameworks in schools.
  • Flexible curriculum that is easy to implement “out of the box” without any changes or customized to reflect the specific goals or initiatives of each district.
    • Each lesson provides easy to follow implementation guides that include ideas for how to embed our curriculum in other subjects, infusing it throughout the school day.
    • RethinkEd Professional Services staff supports any customization of your implementation, making it easy to develop a plan that works best for your schools.
  • Professional Learning delivered in different modes: on-demand through online videos and activities, or in person with highly qualified RethinkEd trainers, allowing districts to provide professional development that is most effective for their educators and staff.
    • Sessions are led by RethinkEd staff who have years of experience working in schools and training other educators.
  • Cost-effective online resources that work with a wide range of current computers, tablets, and smartphones.
    • Most schools we partner with do not require any additional equipment purchases to implement RethinkEd
  • User-friendly and intuitive online assessment tools that are simple to use, reducing the burden of data collection and analysis.

Please contact us to schedule a presentation to find out more about how RethinkEd can best serve your district. Our experienced staff are ready to help you develop a plan that will meet your district’s goals.

RethinkEd provides the most comprehensive suite of solutions available to address the wellness, behavioral, and academic needs of students, as well as the adults who support them. From fostering the development of important social emotional skills to closing the learning gap through effective academic and behavior interventions and supports, RethinkEd provides the resources needed to create healthy and successful learning communities.

RethinkEd’s comprehensive approach includes curricula for Wellness and K-12 academics, Behavior solutions, and Professional Learning resources, combined with robust data collection and progress monitoring capabilities.

Diana Frezza EVP/GM

Phone: 646-257-2919


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