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TinyEYE is the leading provider of virtual Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Mental Health services to K-12 students around the world! We solve the primary problems schools face: children going without clinical services & on-site clinicians burning out from massive caseloads. Available anywhere, our teletherapy services create incredible learning experiences for students to achieve their goals. When you partner with TinyEYE for online therapy, you have an entire company advocating for the experiences of you and your students. Our purpose is to Grow Smiles, Mend Spirits, and Engage Children in their Lives, all while promising to always deliver exceptional value. We hold ourselves accountable for the results.

TinyEYE offers therapeutic services in both individual and group settings (up to 3 students). The most common areas that TinyEYE therapists treat are as follows:

Speech-Language Pathology: auditory verbal therapy, early language development, early literacy development, school-age language, speech development, voice, resonance, stuttering, social and play skills, cultural and linguistic support, augmentative communication, oral motor development and swallowing development.

Occupational Therapy: cognitive skills, sensory skills, fine motor skills (e.g. grasping and effectively manipulating small objects) and gross motor skills (e.g. hand-eye coordination, balance, strength), vocational skills (e.g. self-feeding, using a computer, handwriting, behavioral, sensory processing, coordination), school/parent consultations.

School Counseling: address academic performance, emotional challenges, interpersonal skills/social anxiety, mediate conflict between students and teachers, problem-solving skills, referrals to psychologist as needed, school/parent consultations.

School Social Work: social development, emotional regulation and behavior, development and implementation of behavior management plans, problem-solving skills, school/parent consultations.

School Psychology: TinyEYE’s Educational Psychologists provide a variety of psychoeducational assessments to students, from cognitive ability through academic functioning, attention, and behavior. The result of these tests are a diagnosis (or non-diagnosis) that determines eligibility for special education programming, such as school counseling or other services, and recommendations for modifications to approach to learning based on best practices for the individual child and diagnosis.

As a full-service online therapy provider, TinyEYE therapists collaborate with local SPED teachers and paraprofessionals to offer initial screenings and assessments, direct therapy, and regular progress reports in accordance with each student’s IEP. The therapists also facilitate parent-teacher/therapist meetings and conduct caseload management on an as-needed basis. If requested, and where policy and legislation permit, providing supervision to SLPAs and OTAs may also be considered.

Brenda Selk-Lang:

With her keen understanding of California’s regulatory and educational environment, Brenda has partnered with SELPAs, LEAs and districts to provide high quality, reliable therapy for thousands of students across California

Brenda Selk-Lang

Phone: 1-877-846-9393 x205

Email: Brenda.Selk@TinyEYE.com

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Brenda Selk-Lang

Phone: 1-877-846-9393 x205

Email: Brenda.Selk@TinyEYE.com

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