Melloy Brothers Enterprises has been in the automobile business in New Mexico for 65 years.  With the addition of Melloy Ford in 2018, we were able to expand not only our Retail sales, but our Fleet sales as well.  We have proven success and our commitment to customer service with hundreds of Fleet vehicles sold every year.  Our Fleet customers continue to come to us year after year for their purchases and we pride ourselves on the level of customer service that we provide.  We look forward to expanding our business throughout the nation and building relationships with new customers.

We offer everything that Ford has available, from the Ford Edge to the Ford F550 trucks, gas vehicles to electric.  We can provide aftermarket services, such as utility bodies, platform bodies, window tinting, police lighting, etc.

Karen Sluga Government/Fleet Salesperson

Phone: 505-866-3180


For this contract, you have the option of sending orders to the vendor directly. Always specify “CalSave pricing” when seeking quotes. Always state “CalSave pricing” on your purchase order. This ensures you of the 1) lowest pricing, 2) audit protection, 3) bid protection, and 4) the coverage and application of bid Terms and Conditions to your agency.


Name and address for all PO’s:




Please email PO’s to


 CalSave offers buyers the option of receiving your PO on vendor’s behalf and then forwarding it to the vendor.


The benefits of sending your PO to CalSave are a review of the PO for lowest price, archiving, auditing, and verification of bid protection.


To use this option, make your purchase order out to the vendor and fax your PO to CalSAVE at (866) 488-3729. Any PO made out to CalSave as the vendor will be returned for correction.

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Proof of pub AEPA 24


AEPA 024-G Part C Member Agency (State) Ts & Cs – Vehicles – rev 8.31.23

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Copy of Part F – Pricing Schedule – Melloy Chevrolet

My name is Karen Sluga. I live in New Mexico with my husband of 25 years. We have two kids. Our son, who is 23, is a firefighter with the Albuquerque Fire Department. Our daughter, who is 21, lives in Texas and works for a family Optometry practice.

I was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom until about 6 years ago. When I rejoined the workforce, I started as an Administrative Assistant for another Melloy dealership, slowly learning the Fleet sales “ropes.” I have worked hard to get to where I am now and I absolutely love my job and the customers I get to work for. In my free time, I love to crochet, spend time with my 65 pound “lap dog” and work in the yard.

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