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”Mackin Educational Resources provides high-quality library and classroom materials for PK-12 schools and public libraries, including books, eBooks, digital audiobooks, DVDs, makerspace materials, free collection analysis and collection development services, free processing and cataloging options, free access to our digital content and superior customer service! Mackin has millions of high-quality, high-interest, culturally relevant texts to fit the needs of all schools and districts.”

The Mackin online catalog of more than two million items is online at

The Monterey County Office of Education awarded a contract to Mackin after a sealed competitive bid in cooperation with the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies. Even though a bid was not necessary for this type of instructional product, MCOE conducted a bid to find discounts for Califoria schools. The bid sought digital resources to support and integrate into classroom instruction and learning. The category included extended library resources for purposes of information literacy, automation, and access to reference materials and eBooks.

For more than 30 years, Mackin Educational Resources has provided library and classroom materials. It works with more than 18,000 publishers and a database of more than 2.5 million printed titles and more than 350,000 digital titles. A true partner in education, Mackin’s continued success and unblemished reputation is known by thousands of teachers, administrators, and librarians across the country and throughout the world.

Makin offers the newest and most modern ebooks, databases and online learning resources available. Districts and schools that use the CalSave contract receive a 5 percent discount on the company’s catalog of more than 350,000 ebooks. To ensure getting a discount and other protections of the contract, make sure that all purchase orders specify the “CalSAVE/AEPA 016-C Contract.”

Lynn Bendt, Contract Manager

Address: 3505 County Road 42 West, Burnsville, MN 55306

Phone: 800-245-9540 Email:


Grace Mundt, Bids Manager

Phone: 800-245-9540


For this contract, you have the option of sending orders to the vendor directly. *Please include the Code “AEPACA” with your order to receive the additional discount.

Always specify “CalSave pricing” when seeking quotes. Always state “CalSave pricing” on your purchase order. This ensures you of the 1) lowest pricing, 2) audit protection, 3) bid protection, and 4) the coverage and application of bid Terms and Conditions to your agency.

Visit Makin’s easy-to-use website at to browse its database and prepare a list for ordering. When your list is finalized, you can either:

      • Submit your order on the Mackin website
      • Email an electronic file to Acceptable files are Word, Excel or PDF documents
      • Fax your title list to 800-369-5490
      • Mail in a list you have created to the address above

Please include Contract Code AEPACA/Mobile Resources to receive your additional discount.

CalSave offers buyers the option of receiving your PO on vendor’s behalf and then forwarding it to the vendor.

The benefits of sending your PO to CalSave are a review of the PO for lowest price, archiving, auditing, and verification of bid protection.

To use this option, make your purchase order out to the vendor and fax your PO to CalSAVE at (866) 488-3729. Any PO made out to CalSave as the vendor will be returned for correction.

To see PDF versions of this contract’s terms and conditions, contract signature pages, and proof of publication, click on the links below:

AEPA, CalSave advertisment 2020 bid

Mackin signed Agreement

Ts and Cs 020-C Digital Resources & Instructional Materials

Mackin Educational VPA

Mackin Extension 2021

Digital Resources Docs

For pricing, navigate to the Mackin website –


Ebooks – receive an additional 5% discount off prices

Print Books – receive an additional 5% discount off prices

Multimedia such as BluRay, DVD, etc. – receive an additional 5% discount off prices

Select Databases – receive an additional 3% to 5% discount off prices (call Mackin for the list of databases and specific discount)

MackinMaker items – contract price is already shown on

*Please include the Code “AEPACA” with your order to receive the additional discount.

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