Skills Global

Skills Global is a web-based program for creating and implementing individualized teaching plans for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  This one stop resource encompasses everything from assessments to lessons to progress tracking.  This empowers schools to apply comprehensive, customizable plans to a diverse group of students with a wide range of special needs.

Skills Features:

The most comprehensive evidence-based curricula

With nearly 4,000 customizable lessons across a range of eight unique learning areas – covering fundamentals to advanced – Skills  improves learning outcomes for special needs children whether in special education or mainstream classrooms.

Goals and benchmarks for IEP

Skills incorporates goals and benchmarks for producing effective IEPs that are tied to  assessment results, saving teachers countless hours of drafting goals on their own.

Assessment and step-by-step guidance

Research-based assessment tools assist in proper placement and link directly to tailored lessons,  providing a clear teaching path that leads to efficiency and effectiveness in the classroom.

Quantifiable results

Instantly available reports and charts provide measurable evidence for proper class placement, progress tracking, and funding allocation for your school.

Multi-disciplinary collaboration

Plans, lessons, and progress can be shared among teachers and professionals in one central place,  resulting in more cohesive plans and better learning outcomes for each child.

Jill Crider, Director of Strategic Partnerships

PHONE: 877-945-4559 x 1105


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To get investment quotes for the special CalSave 50% discount, contact:

Jill Crider, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Phone: 877-975-4559 x 1105


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Skills Global Agreement (02-27-18)

To get investment quotes for the special CalSave 50% discount, contact: Jill Crider, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Phone: 877-975-4559 x 1105


Jill Crider, Director of Strategic Partnerships, came to SKILLS Global with an extensive background in education. Jill worked in the Pasco County School District for twenty-five years in Florida. She worked as a teacher as well as in an administrative role for the district.
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