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Shaw Sports Turf is one of the leading synthetic turf companies in North America. Shaw Sports Turf has demonstrated industry leadership in both quality and innovation for more than two decades with over 1,500 successful installations, and an impressive list of high-profile installations, including the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, Georgia Tech, University of Arkansas and many others. Engineered for performance and safety, Shaw Sports Turf features a product line designed specifically to meet the needs of athletes and sports programs.

Shaw Sports Turf is the largest American-owned and American-made synthetic turf company in the world.  A wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Shaw Industries is a full flooring provider to the residential and commercial markets. Shaw supplies carpet, hardwood, laminate, resilient, and tile/ stone flooring products, as well as synthetic turf.  Shaw Sports Turf has the world’s largest research and development center dedicated to synthetic turf and has yielded an impressive array of innovations, including HydroChill, GeoFill, Bolt, SpikeZone, and TruHop.  Shaw Sports Turf, the leader in the industry, has represented quality and innovation for more than two decades with over 2,000 successful installations, including an impressive list of high-profile field installations. [/author_info] [/author]

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For this contract, you have the option of sending orders to the vendor directly. Always specify “CalSave pricing” when seeking quotes. Always state “CalSave pricing” on your purchase order. This ensures you of the

1) lowest pricing, 2) audit protection, 3) bid protection, and 4) the coverage and application of bid Terms and Conditions to your agency.

CalSave offers buyers the option of receiving your PO on vendor’s behalf and then forwarding it to the vendor. The benefits of sending your PO to CalSave are a review of the PO for lowest price, archiving, auditing, and verification of bid protection. To use this option, make your purchase order out to the vendor and fax your PO to CalSAVE at (866) 488-3729. Any PO made out to CalSave as the vendor will be returned for correction.

To see PDF versions of this contract’s terms and conditions, contract signature pages, and proof of publication, click on the links below:

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Ts and Cs AEPA IFB #020-A


To get quotes or contract prices based on competitively solicited bid pricing and the MCOE award, contact: Leie Sualua • 866-703-4004 For more information please visit, call 866-703-4004 or find us on Facebook.

Leie Sualua is a native of California who attended and played football for powerhouse program Mater Dei High School.  He was also a standout defensive lineman for the University of Oregon

Leie comes from a football family.  His brother, Nicky, was a fullback at Ohio State.  His uncle is a college football coach and his cousin Troy Polamalu is a future Hall of Famer and former safety in the NFL.

Leie joined Shaw Sports Turf in 2014 and is just as passionate about providing solutions as he is about sports.



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