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EPS Learning (“EPS Operations, LLC”), a trusted provider of supplemental literacy curriculum, proudly partners with educational agencies around the country and internationally to improve reading outcomes for learners who need extra support. For decades, our products have adhered to Science of Reading best practices for teaching reading. Our suite of print, Online, and hybrid programs are grounded in the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading and offer the very best structured literacy instruction for non-readers and striving readers in grades PreK-8+.  EPS Learning’s proven-effective reading programs are designed to serve the needs of today’s diverse classroom, providing solutions that offer just-right instruction and practice for every student, including multilingual learners, students diagnosed with Dyslexia, and students in Tiers 1, 2, and 3.

Supplemental and intervention programs covering PreK–12 supplemental literacy curriculum, and math curricula, featuring research-based instructional materials, tailored professional development, and product advisory services. Our product lineup encompasses a diverse range, including S.P.I.R.E Intensive (For high-need students including those with dyslexia and in special education), Reading Accelerator (Fast-paced phonics instruction for older, striving students), Reading Foundations (Tier 1-2 for the whole class and small groups), Reading Assistant (AI-powered assessment and independent practice), Readfetti Decodables Readers (42 full-color decodable books aligned to other popular learn-to-read programs), Readfetti Storybook Lesson Plans (Award winning hardcover books and lesson plans for story time), Wordly Wise (Direct oral vocabulary instruction to use alone or pair with Readfetti Read Aloud Cards), Wordly Wise i3000, Primary Phonics (Whole class program featuring digital decodable readers), Recipe for Reading, SPIRE Next (Close reading to build comprehension beginning at late 2nd grade level), Vocabulary from Classical Roots (Rigorous vocabulary and morphology), Coach Digital Compass (ELA and math digital practice and assessment item bank/builder), iSPIRE, Making Connections & MCI Library (Hi/lo books plus comprehension workbooks), and numerous other supplemental and intervention offerings.

Mark Esstman, SVP- Business Development

Phone: (336) 406-2649

Email: mark.esstman@epslearning.com

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Name and Address for the P.O.

EPS Operations, LLC Att: West Coast Sales Support 4800 Hampden Lane, Suite 560 Bethesda, MD 20814-2930

Phone: (800) 225-5750

Email: Orders@EPSLearning.com

How the PO Can Be Transmitted (Email, Fax, Mail, Ecommerce, etc.) Email Orders@EPSLearning.com

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 The benefits of sending your PO to CalSave are a review of the PO for lowest price, archiving, auditing, and verification of bid protection.

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To see PDF versions of this contract’s terms and conditions, contract signature pages, and proof of publication, click on the links below:

Proof of pub AEPA 24


AEPA 024-C Part C Member Agency (State) Ts & Cs – Digital Resources & Instructional Materials – rev 8.31.23 (1) 

To get quotes or contract prices based on competitively solicited bid pricing and the MCOE award, contact:

Mark Esstman, SVP- Business Development

Phone: (336) 406-2649

Email: mark.esstman@epslearning.com


Kim Peters West Coast Regional Sales Manager

Phone: 602-757-2575

Email: Kim.Peters@EPSLearning.com

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