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Peoria Ford has been serving municipalities across the US since 2015. We truly have an understanding of the unique needs of school districts and how vehicles are utilized in this setting. This enables us to provide the right vehicle for the job – spec’d correctly, every time. At Peoria Ford, we are very unique in that we have an entire Government Team dedicated to serving our municipal and educational customers. Most dealerships say they have a Government Department, when they actually have one or two people juggling all their customer needs – we have a full team and we all work together to ensure that each customer gets the best customer service possible. We have developed systems that allow us to respond and provide quotations quickly, coordinate with our upfit and dropship partners and provide updates to customers about their incoming orders regularly. We know Municipal Customers and we are here to serve you!


Peoria Ford is part of a network of over 200 dealerships around the US.  In most instances, we are able to dropship your vehicles to your nearest dealer for cost savings and delivery convenience. We have upfit partners located in all 50 states, so no matter where you are, we are able to deliver a vehicle that is ready for work. We are also willing to work with your local upfitters to make the upfitting process simple and to provide support to the businesses in your community.


Peoria Ford has one of the largest inventories in the United States and we are always growing. When you can’t find what you need elsewhere, we typically have a solution. We are your “one stop shop” for all your vehicle needs, new and used. At Peoria Ford, we are eager and willing to help with any questions you may have about vehicles and provide customer service that is second to none. Please reach out today for quotations!


Our Slogan at Peoria Ford is “Ready to Serve,” and that is what we are here to do.

Wesley Boswell Account Manager

Phone: 480-696-5930



Cliff Kujala Account Manager

Phone: 623-239-0340



Sandra Gonzalez Account Manager

Phone: 602-635-3124



Chad Riccio Account Manager

Phone: 480-405-2929



Jen McRae Fleet Assistant

Email: 480-676-4880


For this contract, you have the option of sending orders to the vendor directly. Always specify “CalSave pricing” when seeking quotes. Always state “CalSave pricing” on your purchase order. This ensures you of the 1) lowest pricing, 2) audit protection, 3) bid protection, and 4) the coverage and application of bid Terms and Conditions to your agency.

Please visit our website for more information:

For current inventory, please visit:

Questions and PO’s sent to:

Sandra Gonzalez Account Manager

Phone: 602-635-3124


CalSave offers buyers the option of receiving your PO on vendor’s behalf and then forwarding it to the vendor. The benefits of sending your PO to CalSave are a review of the PO for lowest price, archiving, auditing, and verification of bid protection. To use this option, make your purchase order out to the vendor and fax your PO to CalSAVE at (866) 488-3729. Any PO made out to CalSave as the vendor will be returned for correction.

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AEPA 024-G Part C Member Agency (State) Ts & Cs – Vehicles – rev 8.31.23

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AEPA Pricing Percentages Peoria

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